3 Perfectly Wild Days of Online Strategy

If you’re interested in getting your adventure brand set up with a solid online strategy for client experience, then you’ll want in on this 3 day email course. Best part is it’s free.

As long as you have an hour or so a day to dedicate to your adventure brand, you’ll benefit from my most actionable tips on developing an online strategy geared towards client experience.

You already have an adventure brand, but you’re ready to bring it to the next level. You know that there is an easier way to manage the business side of it; you know you don’t have to be stuck behind a desk to be profitable and have your daily processes run smoothly…but there are thousands of  crappy articles on how to do it, and knowing where to start is hard as hell.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things you think you have to do to get your systems automated. Perhaps you’re not sure how to best create and deliver a stellar client experience.

That’s where this email course comes in.

Module One

We’ll dive into what strategy for client experience is, and how to make it the focus of everything you do within your business. Includes 2 worksheets.

Module Two

There are a number of moving parts to a successful online strategy. This module breaks each part down, and helps you flesh them out for your own adventure brand. Includes 4 worksheets.

Module Three

This is where the magic happens. I’ll show you how it all comes together in a simple strategy you can apply to your adventure brand right off the bat.

Launching August 1, 2017

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I’m in no way affiliated with Paul Jarvis’ awesome Mailchimp training offer, but I highly recommend it for anyone who uses Mailchimp for their email marketing and needs the techy “how-to’s” to get a momentum going!