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I’m not exactly your run-of-the-mill client experience strategist. I don’t have an office, but I do have a 41-foot sailboat. I bike everywhere. I’ve been known to show up to meetings still wearing my wetsuit from my morning dip. And I am absolutely unapologetic for these things, because this lifestyle is what brings me true happiness and satisfaction—and I love working with adventure brand owners who feel the same way.

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In fact, adventure brand owners are the reason I started Perfectly Wild. In the five years I’ve lived in Key Largo, I’ve met some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs who broke away from the status quo and launched something that feeds their soul, and that makes a difference through experiences for their audiences. They love sharing their knowledge of important industry topics too, in the hopes that it encourages positive change in this world.

But because I’ve been a web design and online marketing professional for eight years, I couldn’t help but notice that most of them had a tendency to:

  • underestimate the power their website had to make their daily processes easier;
  • shy away from actively growing their business because they were so busy doing the work needed to keep things running;
  • spend little to no time on online marketing, either from a lack of interest, a lack of time, or a lack of understanding; and
  • there were a lot of missed opportunities because of weak strategies for long-term relationship building with their clients.

I knew my particular set of skills could help them (and you!) build a solid online strategy that would support greater flexibility and confidence to not have to be behind a desk every day, all day—and be genuinely helpful to potential and existing clients.

That’s the key to this: genuinely helpful. From the automation of processes, to the email templates and resources created, to the content that is shared…everything I put together for an adventure brand aims to build legitimacy, trust, and consistency.

No shitty hacks or bullshit promises. No short-cuts or quick fixes.

I hope this excites you, because it’s definitely what makes me tick. I can’t wait to show you just how this will change your business…


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I’m in no way affiliated with Paul Jarvis’ awesome Mailchimp training offer, but I highly recommend it for anyone who uses Mailchimp for their email marketing and needs the techy “how-to’s” to get a momentum going!